Title: Rotate Home page Image (for website)- No more works. I'm a physicist/wildlife artist having a website (I produced in 2002) to show &lifier market my artwork. I've arrange it by having an underlying (home page) image map - getting links to: "tigers", "leopards", "wild birds", artist info, etc., using the overlying image altering (changing out) each time the consumer navigates to/from home page. The hyperlinks for every home page have a similar statistical coordinates and don't change locations from page to page, only the image changes. You can observe my blank-page site at world wide web.querryart.com. Note links below Will work.

The web site was fabulous until this past year. In those days my former webhost went bankrupt, and that i transformed to Jumpline.com. Since that time, the instructions which call canned subroutines fail to work.

The routine which swaps the image is known as pid.cgi (saved within the cgi-bin).

A different one-line page-counter cgi routine I made use of in the finish of every page known as a canned program "count.cgi" which counted site visitors to that particular page, incremented "hits" per page, and saved these questions table displayed simply to me. It was a means I possibly could determine the recognition of numerous images. This cgi routine also doesn't now work - giving me a mistake message on each page.

Anyway, I'm lost without these programs (particularly the first to swap out images). Could it be progress that my Cadillac website has converted into a clear wagon? Hope someone might help. I am not really a programmer.

My first guess is the fact that you may want to alter the line(s) towards the top of your CGI file to ensure that the server to process them. For instance, if using Perl, #!/usr/bin/perl is a very common directory, and thus is #!/usr/local/bin/perl.

Oh, and also have you place the permissions to 755?

To begin with: http://world wide web.querryart.com/cgi-bin/pid.cgi doesn't exist. You might like to make certain the file is submitted towards the correct place.

  1. Make certain that the host supports CGI scripts.
  2. Make certain, your CGI scripts are submitted in the correct location based on the info out of your host regarding installing CGI scripts.
  3. Make certain the scripts are executable (chmod 755)
  4. Make certain, the scripts are calling the right interpreter (as stated by Steve).

From the quick check at the site, it appears such as the scripts aren't in the best place since the webserver provides a 404 - not found. after i attempt to get /cgi-bin/pid.cgi

In addition, the truth that the script takes a complete path like a parameter (cfile=/home/querryar/httpdocs/cgi-bin/dicont.cnf) appears like a glaring security problem permitting use of any files inside your account. You need to really think about a different solution