I am getting some issues trying to setup the .htaccess to achieve the Magento Web addresses generate an income want.

I wish to redirect Web addresses like so:

  • domain.com/fr/store loads from domain.com/store?__store=france
  • domain.com/fr/store/category.html loads from domain.com/store/category.html?__store=france
  • domain.com/fr/store/category/product.html loads from domain.com/store/category/product.html?__store=france

Here's what I've to date:

RewriteRule ^fr/store(.*)$ /store/$1?___store=france [L,P]

It really works to redirect everything towards the primary store, however i can't access sub-sites or pages.

The ^(.*)$ pattern captures the present URI, regardless of it's within the location bar or this is an internal redirection. One of these simple solutions should work:

  • Place the subdomain redirection first
  • Replace $1 having a variable, e.g. %{REQUEST_URI}

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