This really is my very first time while using login feature. On my small site, rather signing up and creating a merchant account, I needed to make use of the facebook login feature and integrate into my website. I've attempted two techniques client side and today trying server side. I produced the required links. With this I recieve the authorization code after which with this code I recieve the access token. This is actually the point where I'm getting the problem. I attempted obtaining the user information by delivering the access token but that doesn't work also it provides me with a 400 bad request error. This is actually the code:

Protected Function getInfo(ByVal sToken As String) As String

    Dim tmp1 As String = ""

    tmp1 = "creating me <br/>"

    Dim Uri As String = "" &lifier sToken

    tmp1 &lifier= "creating request <br/>"

    Dim data As String = "access_token=" &lifier sToken

    Dim wrequest As HttpWebRequest = HttpWebRequest.Create(Uri)

    'tmp1 &lifier= "creating author <br/>"

    'Dim author As New StreamWriter(wrequest.GetRequestStream)

    'tmp1 &lifier= "request method<br/>"

    wrequest.Method = WebRequestMethods.Http.Publish

    'tmp1 &lifier= "data length <br/>"

   'wrequest.ContentLength = data.Length

    'tmp1 &lifier= "content type <br/>"

    wrequest.ContentType = "application/x-world wide web-form-urlencoded"

    'tmp1 &lifier= "creating data<br/>"



    'writer = Nothing

    tmp1 &lifier= "creating response <br/>"

    Dim oResponse As HttpWebResponse = wrequest.GetResponse()

    Dim readers As New StreamReader(oResponse.GetResponseStream())

    tmp1 &lifier= "reading through response <br/>"

    Dim tmp As String = readers.ReadToEnd()



    tmp1 = tmp

    Return tmp1

Finish Function

Everything goes okay until it reaches wrequest.GetResponse and thats if this errors. Could it be due to the /me in the uri or perhaps is it another thing?

Also, After I had the clent version I activated to some event known as auth.login with function(response). I believed if response was delivered to the server via ajax refer to it as would contain all the details in JSON string format. Would by doing this work?