I am attempting to complete a webapp version of this site. I am really close, however the only factor I am getting challenge with is transforming the a href's to javascript links (to ensure that articles open w/within the application and never in Mobile Safari). I decided to found an easy script that helped me to out, however it works out that script also messes with my comments wordpress plugin (Disqus). I'll publish the script below, but can there be in whatever way I'm able to possess the script convert all links except individuals within the div "disqus_thread"? I investigated possible options, however the only solution I possibly could find ended up being to make use of the script and specify the rest of the divs. Hopefully someone here can assist me :P Thanks, Matt

     var a=document.getElementsByTagName("a");
     for(var i=0;i<a.length;i++)
     return false

I have no idea why can you do that. Since you are setting href property of anchor to window.location which anyways will be carried out by anchor's defualt behavior.

If you wish to choose all of the anchor except individuals inside disqus_thread and execute your logic you can test this. Make certain you include jQuery library to your page.

   window.location.href = this.href;
   return false;