Assist with MS ACCESS database structure

Using MS Acess Database 200 (*.mdb). I'm trying to produce a little databse application personally for storing hoto understanding about quite a few applications.

We presently have three programs, with numerous versions amongest each

I'd like possess a search able database where i'm able to look for understanding using key phrases, title, application, or version

Would the next be correct?


id application


id appId version


id versionId question answer

key phrases

id knowledgeId keyword

If you would like with additional control over key phrases (like who are able to give a new keyword), you might need a Key phrases table, so that you can try to control replicates: (access, Access, MS Access). A KnowledgeKeywords table could be needed to produce a many-to-many relationship between Understanding and Key phrases.

understanding id versionId question answer

knowledgekeywords id knowledgeId keywordid

key phrases id keyword

It is dependent. Are you currently looking to get a database ready to go that meets your requirements? Or perhaps is it the intellectual challenge of creating this factor in which you're interested?

If you wish to get this to database like a chance to learn, then you are off and away to an excellent start. Place the forms, reviews, tables, not to mention some VBA. You'll most likely need more ID fields though. But the good thing about Access is you can alter the design relatively easily along the way.

If you know your VBA or produce other things you can do, plus there is a multitude of free software applications which will suit your needs. I researched "tree notes software" and located this: Should you consider the screenshot, you will see the best way to place in software, versions, questions, etc. I've not attempted this, however i assume searching for specific key phrases. (This is not the only real Private Information Manager available. Look for one that best suits you best).