So I have attempted a lot of plug ins, with no success. Wordpress is constantly on the foil me using its default behaviors. Here's certain requirements:

  • An occasions page, which lists the occasions, and it has time from the event (NOT time it had been published), location, as well as an excerpt/blurb/summary
  • a left sidebar of stated occasions page will need a calendar which shows each even at the time it takes place, NOT if this was published (right sidebar is working fine)
  • Each event should have its very own page, having a left sidebar that does not possess the calendar, but a listing from the next couple of approaching occasions.
  • Each event must In addition have a right sidebar that's particular to that particular event, having a register link (leads to Eventful), and also the meta particulars from the event (date, time, location, etc.)
  • the primary content of every event will need an "Overview" area as well as an "Agenda" area. These may you need to be blocks of text, a treadmill large block with headers

Anybody have ideas how I would accomplish? When i first attempted setting them as posts with custom fields for that meta, which labored well EXCERPT for that calendar part and also the dates (being once they were published, not when they are really happening). I would return to the customer &lifier negotiate several things, but I'd rather deliver. Help!

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