I am searching for a light-weight version of poi-3.8.jar for doing things within an Android (private) application. I do not appear to have the ability to fit the entire 1.7Mb jar within the APK for whatever reason (and it might be wrong to do this anyway) and also, since I am only searching for the doc -> html and xls -> html functionality, I am less than i require the whole jar file.

I have spent a few hrs trying to puzzle out how you can extract org.apache.poi.hwpf.ripper tools.WordToHtmlExtracter.java in poi/hwpf/ripper tools however it appears like it's using lots of other things. Even when this does not really surprise me, I believed that maybe someone here knows which packages I'm able to eliminate to create the jar more compact. I'm going to be glad to take more time onto it, unless of course someone here informs me it is a total waste of time which My way through the sources is required to convert doc to html files.

I do not need something that shows anything, I simply require the "simple" doc to html (and xls to html if at all possible) features. I do not need anything associated with PDF, ms powerpoint, outlook or whatever.

I'm going to be glad to talk about whatever I discover