I am fed up with opening Dia and developing a database diagram at the outset of every project. It is possible to tool available which will allow me to choose specific tables after which produce a database diagram for me personally with different MySQL database? Ideally it might let me edit the diagram after since no foreign secrets are positioned...

Here's what I'm visualizing diagram-smart (please excuse the horrible data design, I did not set it up. Let us target the diagram concept and this is not on the particular data it signifies let's imagine ) ):

diagram see full-sized diagram

Try MySQL Work bench, formally DBDesigner 4:

http://dev.mysql.com/work bench/

It has a "Reverse Engineer Database" mode so far as I recall,

On the Mac, SQLEditor is going to do what you would like.

This http://code.google.com/p/database-diagram/ will reverse engineer your database. Simply do an export 'structure only' then paste the SQL in to the tool.

I have lately began using http://schemaspy.sourceforge.internet/ . It uses GraphViz, also it strikes me as getting a great balance between usability and simplicity.

In my opinion DB Designer does something of that nature. And i believe they actually have a free version.

edit Let alone. Michael's link is way better.

The "Reverse Engineer Database" mode in Work bench in just area of the compensated version not the free one.

@John Downey

Using the Free version, you are able to still create the schema and diagrams by posting a mysqldump.

Try SchemaBank. They support reverse engineering too.

Try MySQL Maestro (http://world wide web.sqlmaestro.com/items/mysql/maestro/). Is effective for me personally.