fellow devs! I have to know a method that will permit me to understand the database continues to be up-to-date to ensure that I'm able to rebind particular controls (DropDownLists within this situation. Here's a little more particulars:

I've three Combo-Boxes (DropDownLists) on the MDI Parent form. Choosing something from all of these combinations will let me directly jump towards the view form for that selected entity. Now, on MDI parent load, these combinations are chock-full. But when the applying is running, anybody everywhere can edit an entity or add a replacement. i have to identify this and in some way make the combo(s) to reload again.

Using Linq-2-SQL to load the Combinations, After sales is really a SQL 2005 DB on the SQL 2008 Server.

There is no builtin functionality to complete all this, so you will need to roll your personal.

One possibility I can tell is to possess a timer that periodically inspections if the products happen to be up-to-date. You could do this this by storing a final up-to-date timestamp somewhere and checking against it. Whenever you identify the products transformed, requery the information and rebuild the combinations.

did not check it out, however, you may have a look in the Sql Service Broker feature.

From the memory, it can produce a file around the file system and you will monitor the development of this file.

it is the feature utilized by the ASP.Internet cache and it is dependencies check.