I am getting an issue using SVN:

It's my job to do a lot more than 2 commits daily to some [private svn webhost]. The programs we code are php based, use mySQL databases, jQuery, etc.

Let me determine if there is something available that enables me to automate these type of tasks:

  • clean web application files from svn (remove .svn folders and hidden files)
  • ftp the alterations designed to client's working copy from the application
  • update changes (if made) to mySQL database in some manner
  • etc.

I am talking about:

You want to obtain a tool (or svn hosting service) that enables us to automate individuals type of tasks after each commit so client can easily see the alterations made instantly in the domain, etc., without having done all individuals tiresome common tasks which make devs loose energy.

Thanks ahead of time,

Is cleaning svn files not as easy as making an alias/script to remove any files with .svn inside them? Or beginning using the period.

Is svn upgrading around the clients working copy very time intensive? I suppose it is dependent on the quantity of data you are coping with, however it should usually be considered a quick process.

For database upgrading, to my understanding there is no method to merge content or anything, however tools like dbdeploy may help with version manipulating the schema. You can obviously create a script that does a mysql dump from the database you would like and imports it in to the current database, changing any web site-specific values (site web addresses) while you went.

I truly recommend Webistrano, take a look at https://github.com/peritor/webistrano/wiki/

You can include in lots of custom actions. I presently utilize it to deploy SVN/GIT commits on Drupal sites. This allows me to overlook the tiresome such things as altering my configurations from localhost towards the production site(s).

Enjoy! -Curtis