We're using Enterprise Architect for the models also it utilizes a database in order to save all its data. We currently must have a regular "dump" from the data to ensure that we are able to store it within our configuration management system. Can there be a good way to get this done?

There's no specific built-in function with this. EA has a few choices for version control, but they're according to packages, not the whole project.

(Btw, utilizing an exterior version control system along with a database-saved EA project isn't suggested, so don't start lower that path unless of course you're very sure of the items you are doing use EA's baselines rather.)

Dumping a task is simple to complete by hand while using "Project Transfer" function (under Tools - Data Management). This enables you to definitely transfer a whole project from the database for an .EAP file (and also the three other combinations too). The procedure often takes under one minute.

This function can also be obtainable in the EA API (Project::ProjectTransfer), so if you wish to automate it that can be done. Inside a previous job I designed and implemented a version control solution where it was one component, so it is possible also it is not even everything hard.