I've got a python program that creates a wordpress site on my small server. It downloads the zip and unzips it right into a directory, creates the database and user, configures the config file. Now I must call the the wordpress_install function in wordpress-admin/include/upgrade.php and pass it the parameters it requires $website_title, $user_title, $admin_email ...

My real question is how do i refer to this as function from python? Can One perform a urllib.urlopen and when so how do you call the wordpress_install function using the right parameters?

Urllib is definitely an option, but since your script is running around the local machine anyway, I'd most likely use os.system. That method for you to execute the php script like from the spend. You need to consider the php file regarding how to pass the parameters.

It appears like wp_install() will get known as within /wp-admin/install.php throughout step one, and after form data continues to be validated. Should you submit ?step=1& ... (the many other needed form fields) it will lead to calling wp_install. So yes, you need to have the ability to use urllib(2) with this.