I have read a couple of dozens subjects relating to this here on stackoverflow however i can't take action suitable for my situation.

The truth is, we are developing on our local Home windows systems here as well as for every website we make we must by hand add something similar to this:

<VirtualHost *>
 ServerName websitename.local
 DocumentRoot "C:/workspace/projects/websitename/public_html"

to the Apache vhost file. My list is about 30 sites lengthy right now despite cleaning up all non-active sites and controlling this really is being a hassle.

Now I already set up my Home windows host file to suggest *.close to my localhost. This is a advance to date.

Now however still need to go into the new vhost within the httpd-vhost.conf file by hand.

I'd enjoy having something which could manage the next:

<VirtualHost *>
 ServerName *.local
 DocumentRoot "C:/workspace/projects/*/public_html"

So each time I give a new folder during my workspace I'm able to instantly visit it via whatever.local

I have attempted the solutions I understood but none of them appeared to operate. So either an ideal solution does not exist or I merely do not understand it.

Any help whatsoever could be greatly appreciated!