There exists a CLR database project in VS08. At this time, each time we perform a build you will find multiple manual steps that has to be carried out to be able to deploy this project included in our build process. I wound up writing a software application that automates areas of this method. I'm wondering if you will find be more effective tools - as well as devenv switch that i'm missing - to instantly deploy CLR objects towards the database?


I am unaware of any automatic switch that performs this, though it is always good if there is (maybe in VS2010? Listening, Microsoft?). Basically needed to do that, I'd either write a custom utility and reference it as being a publish-build step, or I'd write a script that utilizes OSQL to complete the SQL required to import the DLL and measure the level.

I'd have an interest to understand if there is a more integrated way, however i wouldn't get the hopes up, because the method you've appears to become working, I'd stick to it.