I am a novice in C programming and that i only use notepad to code my C application. Now I am finding out how to create apache http server module in C. I understand how to produce C module for apache but the operation is repetitive and tedious. For instance, after i customize the C source code for that module, I have to repeat the entire process. So, now I am searching for tools that may automate the procedure.

This is actually the process in building the apache module in C:

  1. Start Visual Studio Command Prompt (2010)
  2. Change directory to apache bin directory: cd C:\PROGRA~1\APACHE~1\Apache2.2\bin
  3. Run this command: apxs -llibhttpd -llibapr-1 -llibaprutil-1 -c mod_helloworld.c
  4. NOTE: this command can create mod_helloworld.so file
  5. Stop apache server by using this command: net stop apache2.2
  6. Copy mod_helloworld.so file to C:\PROGRA~1\APACHE~1\Apache2.2\modules folder
  7. Run this command: apxs -i -n "helloworld" mod_helloworld.la
  8. Start apache server by using this command: net start apache2.2
  9. Browse the site in Opera to see the latest changes produced in apache module

My apache module purpose would be to serve dynamic webpages. And So I frequently desire to make changes towards the module. Now Once more my question: What are the tools for me to automate this repetitive process?

According to your description, you can most likely stick this inside a .softball bat file, and run that

cd C:\PROGRA~1\APACHE~1\Apache2.2\bin
apxs -llibhttpd -llibapr-1 -llibaprutil-1 -c mod_helloworld.c
net stop apache2.2
copy mod_helloworld.so C:\PROGRA~1\APACHE~1\Apache2.2\modules
apxs -i -n "helloworld" mod_helloworld.la
net start apache2.2

Generally, when you are running a number of instructions again and again, you're ready to place them all right into a script of some kind