Hope this is actually the right spot to be asking this, so sorry whether it is not.

I've written numerous web programs designed to use Home windows authentication to permit uer access. The only issue is the fact that we now have 2 domain names at the office, one known as student.local and something known as staff.local. All the servers take a seat on employees.nearby domain. Whenever a user attempts to go into the application from student.local, they obtain the standard Home windows network login prompt as qualifications aren't passed between student.local and staff.local. I must have the ability to either...

Find a way to authenticate anyone's student.local qualifications against staff.local, because the user must have accounts on which, theoretically, must have idential username/password.


Rather than the network prompt, appear a far more friendly login page for that user to login to. This will only display may be the user is originating from student.local. If they're originating from staff.local, they must be instantly authenticated from the domain and permitted use of the applying.

This is probably triggered through the security placed in Ie. You have to make certain that student.local AND staff.local are generally acknowledged as finding yourself in the "Intranet Zone", which your security configurations for your zone is placed to authenticate using the current user's title and password (it's the last establishing their email list for the zone-specific security configurations).

Have a look at when you're getting motivated to visit an employee.nearby website. Consider the bottom-right corner from the browser. Will it say "Internet Zone" or "Intranet Zone"? Whether it states "Internet Zone", then that's likely what you are running into. I can not be an excessive amount of more specific, since to be able to let you know wherever to click, I'd need to be running IE (I am on the mac at this time)

How would be the accounts set on the domain names? Customers should not have several account. Either the account is around the staff domain or even the student domain. If you want to authenticate students account on the staff server, you have to make sure that your domain names have been in exactly the same forest. When they aren't within the same forest, you have to setup a trust between your forests.