I've an axis web service running in Tomcat. Customers are making connections without delivering an association: close header in HTTP 1.1 meaning the default is Keep-Alive. Regrettably the customer appears to become getting an issue so when it will get the best the customer isn't closing the bond. As these customers are delivering plenty of traffic in batch jobs this rapidly utilizes my connections. I wish to pressure my web plan to close each connection the moment a specific Handler (stretches BasicHandler) completes.

How do you do that? I.e. how do you pressure the server to shut an association after calling BasicHandler#invoke()?

Inside your tomcat's server.xml file, discover the HTTP Connector definition (it is the element with protocol="HTTP/1.1"), and add the keepAliveTimeout attribute, as detailed here:


You will need to test out different values to determine what provides you with the behavior you would like. Browse the other configurations also, some may be helpful for you.

Observe that this is the Tomcat 6 paperwork, so not every options might focus on tomcat 5, check exactly the same area of the tomcat 5 paperwork.