I've several internet sites with really low needs for that server (mostly no DBs, couple of site visitors).

I know an additional small instance on Azure will come across my computational needs. The price appears to become competitive too.

Really these websites have no need for the Azure architecture. The main reason I'm searching in internet marketing is the fact that I've it to experience with.

One option I saw is implementing a VM, however it appears a little too involved for my liking.

Can there be an alternative choice? And it is things i am attempting to do reasonable?

Have a look in the Home windows Azure Platform Training Package, where you will see a lab for creating multiple sites inside a Web Role. Unless of course you've something very esoteric in which the install can not be automated or completed inside a very short timespan, you've got no reason to utilize a VM Role.

I clarified an identical question about multiple sites inside an Extra Small instance, here.

Another thought would be to store static content (jpg's, etc.) in blob storage, because this will remove load out of your Web role instances, as well as allow you to improve your content without pushing out a brand new deployment.

You need to use Home windows Azure Accelerator for Web Roles (http://waawebroles.codeplex.com/). Its precisely what your searching for :)