I've a classic b2evolution blog (v1.10.2) over on the hosting that is shared account (w/ Plusmail).

I am gradually moving my stuff to a different hosting that is shared account (w/ cPanel).

I wish to export all blog data from the b2evolution and import right into a completely new WordPress (v3.1) installation around the new server.

Both accounts have MySQL databases.

The majority of the online stuff I am reading through relating to this have both blogs on a single server, the b2e blog version is a lot more recent than mine, or even the WordPress version is below 3.

I am thinking about anyone's constructive suggestions concerning the most painless method of doing this.



I wound up utilizing a WordPress CSV import wordpress plugin. It is a little tiresome planning your CSV file but it is a reliable method... you will get precisely what you devote your spreadsheet imported instantly into WordPress without disturbing any existing posts.

In WordPress install the plug ins 'FeedWordPress' and optionally 'FeedWordPress Content Filter'. Once set up, these will help you to import your b2evolution posts direct from the Feed. In case your new WordPress customers have matching emails because the old b2evolution customers, the distribution will instantly assign the posts them.

Here's the way i wound up transforming this web site. The process below may appear like lots of work but in comparison to how long I spent searching for conversion scripts, it had been very simple. I only needed to export/import 70 posts and 114 comments so that your mileage can vary.

  1. Export the MySQL database in the old b2evolution blog. You simply require the table that contains you (evo_posts). If you wish to wreck havoc on comments, you will need that table too (evo_comments). Export individuals as CSV files.

  2. Download &lifier install CSV Importer wordpress plugin version .3.5 by dvkob to your new WordPress v3.1 installation. You need to do not require a fresh or empty WordPress blog... this import won't eliminate anything in WordPress... it'll only adding more posts. Back-your database safe. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/csv-importer/

  3. Browse the installation directions and follow them exactly. In the beginning it may seem you just move just one php file to your WordPress directory. Actually, you have to copy the wordpress plugin and several stuff inside a directory.

  4. Browse the documentation and check out the sample CSV files incorporated using the wordpress plugin. It shows what column titles you will need and what each one of these means.

  5. Open the CSV files you released in the b2evolution SQL database in Stand out. There you can easily remove all of the unused posts and cleanup your computer data if required. Be sure to relabel the column titles according to the CSV wordpress plugin needs.

  6. OPTIONAL: If you wish to keep the comments intact and mounted on each publish, you will need to complement the publish ID in the comment table towards the publish ID inside your new spreadsheet. Each comment will get a brand new group of posts. One publish of mine had 21 comments and so i needed to add 63 posts... each comment got a username, content, and date/time but this can be done in whatever way you want. Maybe write an Stand out macro that handles this.

  7. When you get the data all cleared up and formatted correctly, save your valuable Stand out sheet as CSV (Home windows) format. I attempted CSV (comma separated) also it unsuccessful to import.

  8. Log to your WordPress Dashboard as well as your wordpress plugin is situated under Tools as CSV Import. Upload striking import... there you have it. It required under one second to include my 70 posts &lifier comments.


Test out how this wordpress plugin produces your groups. It appears it really wants to create brand new groups growing up of "uncategorized". Even when the course already is available on top level like a brother or sister of "uncategorized", still it produces a replica growing up. Not really a large deal, simple to alter the groups around within the Wordpress Dashboard after import.

It's picky concerning the CSV extendable. From Stand out, make certain it's saved as CSV (Home windows) format.

This might appear like lots of work however the conversion options triggered me more trouble. Each day . 5 jacking around with looking to get php convertors to operate and looking to get a classic skin to show the b2e as MT format as in comparison to simply around an hour playing around in Stand out... it was a lifesaver.