I am focusing on a task that's pretty demanding server-side and I'm not sure what technology I ought to use for that database, the server and also the hardware.

Listed here are the factors :

  • the server will get, daily and almost concurrently, number_of_customers occasions solutions to some question. Make a service in which a real question is requested to each user in the identical some time and they merely possess a window of 30 sec to reply to.

  • it'll have to deal with all of them and sort them from better to worst. Suppose we are able to easily calculate a distance in the correct answer that'll be the sorting criteria. The aim would be to publish the ranking within 20-thirty seconds.

  • the amount of customers might be 1000, 10000 or maybe more !

First, will it seem possible or really very hard to implement ? By really very hard, I am talking about that a lot of experienced engineers are needed.

Whether it's possible, what's the most suitable solutions I ought to envisage to implement this type of service ? NoSQL or SQL ? What server must i use ?

Thanks a lot for the help and tell me if you want more particulars !