I've got a site. Wouldn't it help its Search engine optimization ranking basically allow Business to business business clients to repost the site's blog's Feed (I am considering while using partial Feed with backlinks towards the site to "find out more.Inch), will that boost Search engine optimization ratings?

Let's say I (1) provide the business clients (They might not be very tech savvy, and for that reason, Let me provide them with the simplest solution.) JavaScript to use their page that renders the Feed? Will the search engines like google even have the ability to identify this becasue it is completed with JavaScript Or, (2) must i provide them with iFrame code? Or, (3) is the greatest choice to write the server-side code (say PHP, Python, Ruby, ASP, JSP, etc.) essential to serve the Feed?

(4) Must I be worried about this method harming my Search engine optimization ratings due to all of the duplicate content on different pages?

UPDATE: I must go the javascript route that egrunin has recommended below. I'd trouble obtaining the RSS content using javascript since most browsers prevent mix domain ajax. I don't want to pressure others to create server-side code to request the RSS content. I examined how twitter does its badges but had trouble understanding it. I believe I wish to make a move such as this: http://www.xml.com/pub/a/2005/12/21/json-dynamic-script-tag.html but presently I'm using wordpress' out-of-the-box Nourishes. It isn't JSON. I suppose I possibly could write a php script that results it in JSON. Or, maybe the javascript can parse the XML to JSON. What is your opinion is the greatest approach?

Please advise.

UPDATE: I believed it. Begin to see the answer I give below.



  1. Search engines like google won't ever begin to see the javascript implementation. I love this method since you do not need to be worried about anything much.
  2. iframes aren't any good.
  3. Serverside is a great option, although it necessitates the most work.
  4. RSS is a nice standard web format. Distribution happens constantly. The large search engines like google are wise enough to suggest towards the original source.
  5. It will not assist you to Much in Search engine optimization if whatsoever. However it could bring new traffic by reaching a larger audience.
  6. This is not a real programming related question.

Talking about the pagerank formula yes any links for your site from another site are useful. Meaning for those who have links out of your client's site to yours it'll improve your pagerank.

When it comes to what spiders can easily see they often don't fully render JavaScript or iframed content which means you should turn it into a server-side script.

Duplicate content is not great on the internet generally because should they have a much better rank then you definitely they may really appear before you decide to but generally it ought to be okay especially if they're only posting title/description.

You need to provide them with an easy script tag to paste onto their page, such as this:

<script src="MattDiPasquale.com/theScript.aspx"></script>

After which emit whatever javascript you would like. That javascript will create your articles.

In case your submissions are links for your pages, yes, it'll improve your PageRank. That old rule that search engines like google ignore javascript-produced submissions are no more true.

You emit RSS links rather if you would like. That's the good thing about this method, you've complete control. You also know which websites are becoming just how much traffic, which frequently works out to become helpful.

One bad thing is that the massive site will put force on your server. Also, a bug inside your code will affect everybody utilizing it, so there's some extra pressure there.

I finally solved this utilizing a technique known as JSONP (JSON with padding).

The feed content to syndicate:

A good example of how another domain can embed it on its site:

The JavaScript that implements the JSONP: