I've got a commercial web application and merely found an excellent JavaScript library Let me use. This library is licensed under Apache v2.

How do you correctly (and legally) make use of the library during my public web application?

Since I love to achieve just as much performance as you possibly can during my web application, can one perform the following:

  1. Can One take away the copyright/license notice in the JavaScript library (to lessen how big the JS file)?
  2. Can One customize the library for my commercial web application. Note, I am not redistributing the libary, I only desire to rework the library a little to suit me better.
  3. If I am let it do #2, must i range from the Apache license notice within the JavaScript file?


I have browse the license for Apache v2 and it is still unclear in my experience.

Whenever you send the JavaScript in the library towards the client, you're redistributing it.

Which means that any proviso from the license that governs "redistribution in source form" is applicable for you. You have to range from the copyright notice. Estimating in the license:

  • You have to give every other readers from the Work or Derivative Works a duplicate of the License and
  • You have to cause any modified files to hold prominent notices proclaiming that You transformed the files and
  • You have to retain, within the Source type of any Derivative Works that you simply distribute, all copyright, patent, trademark, and attribution notices in the Source type of the job, excluding individuals notices that don't have to do with any area of the Derivative Works

If it features a NOTICE file, you have to also redistribute that.

I am not really a lawyer, but this appears pretty obvious-cut: you distributed the origin code for them, which means you must incorporate a copy from the license, note changes you've made, and preserve the initial copyright notices unmodified. You don't need to incorporate a copy from the license with every source file (only one for the entire site), however, you must leave the initial copyright headers because they were (save for adding your personal additional notice).