I've roughly 250,000 JSON-formatted files, each with one object inside it (formatted precisely how CouchDB wants it with _id). What's the easiest method to import these into my remote CouchDB server as records?

-I'm on the home windows xp machine.

-I've access to the internet however i can't setup a couchDB server on my small local machine and also have it's World wide web accessible (firewall constraints.) so very difficult replication.

I'd highly claim that you consider the majority doc API within the couchdb wiki: http://wiki.apache.org/couchdb/HTTP_Bulk_Document_API

Essentially, you are making a Publish request to /someDatabase/_bulk_docs that appears such as this:

  "docs": [
    { "_id": "awsdflasdfsadf", "foo": "bar" },
    { "_id": "cczsasdfwuhfas", "bwah": "there" },

As with every other Publish request, if you do not include _id qualities, couchdb will generate them for you personally.

This can be used same operation to update a lot of paperwork: just include their _rev property. And when you need to remove the paperwork that you're upgrading, adding a "_deleted": true property towards the document.