I initially setup my Wordpress blog while using URL format = http: / /www. example. com/subdomain - I'd no training to do this and assumed it wouldn't make a difference basically used the www version or subdomain.example.com.

Now I have found an issue with AJAX loads that needs that pages possess the subdomain.example.com format.

I would like to get the best method to alter the url format around the existing pages, I can tell two methods for approaching this:

  • Edit all of the permalinks, about 25, and alter everything towards the subdomain.example.com format.
  • Make use of a redirect inshtaccess, something I've no training of.

The website continues to be in development and so i do not have to worry altering the url from the purpose of look at historic site visitors.

Question: Can anybody with experience in this region offer suggestions about a great way to creating this transformation - issues, problems, pros, cons???


If you're still within the development phase, you're most likely best from the performance perspective editing the hyperlinks to obtain the right format. Adding another layer of rewrites is reduced and it has Search engine optimization implications.