I have been doing html, css and javascript for a significant very long time, mostly for my own, personal enjoyment. I'd say I understand fairly much, I have produced many simple games and applications and experiments with javascript. However there's only a lot that's easy to do within the browser, for just about any more "complete" websites I'm constantly faced with my lack of knowledge on server side programming.

So, exactly what do I want. I have to get my mind around using databases and just how to make use of some server side programming language, I suppose. What's the right choice? What must i avoid?


PHP and MySQL possess a pretty low barrier to entry (they are both free and ubiquitous). I'd begin with individuals, because most hosts provide them for you personally. As an additional benefit, they work very well together (and PHP is not very difficult to learn from a web design background).

Head First SQL is a superb book for learning MySQL. All the good examples within the book are carried out on MySQL. It even describes where you'll get it and just how to set up it. For PHP, the introductory tutorial at official website is the greatest spot to learn it.

Update: Head First PHP & MySQL has become available. I've not read that one yet, but other books within the series by exactly the same author are ideal for learning new languages on your own.

Download Python. Discover the Python language. Learn Object-Oriented programming.

Python includes SQLite, this causes it to be simpler to understand the SQL language.

Download the Django framework. This causes it to be simple to write server-side programs that actually work simply and dependably.

I recommend PHP. Not since it is the very best, most contemporary or cleanest language available, but because you can easily learn for somebody originating from pure HTML.

You start just by adding small items of PHP for your regular HTML and miracle happens :)

Ruby is an excellent language and also the frameworks for web stuff generally train you good quality practices. Try it. The Learn to program book uses Ruby, maybe you want to take a look.

I observed inside your question you point out that you have been using javascript. If you are comfortable progamming javascript, I have lately begun dealing with server side javascript as EJScript on linux and taking advantage of jscript on home windows. It has been fairly painless, and also the documentation continues to be very good to date on. If you are interested in learning this with another technology then Django &lifier Python or ASP.Internet &lifier C# (or IronPython) are generally fairly low barrier to entry platforms on home windows, *nix, etc...

I'd state that if you are comfortable employed in Linux, go for PHP and MySQL. Discover comfortable employed in Linux, then download the free Visual Web Developer version of Visual Studio Express, and obtain began by using their. This allows you enter in VB.Internet or C#, and employ the .Internet web design framework. It is miles in front of anything PHP when it comes to how nice a platform it's to operate on. Gleam free developer edition of SQL Server that allows you store as much as 4 GB of information.

There's lots of .Internet hosts available now too. Although, because of elevated license costs, Home windows hosting plans will often are more expensive and provide you with less space/bandwidth than Linux hosting plans, you are able to get enough room to adjust and deploy some applications on the internet. Should you develop something really awesome, and outgrow what your hosting account provides, it's most likely time for you to upgrade to some VPS, and publish advertisements in your site to begin having to pay the debts