It is possible to means to access a JET database from Python? I am on Linux. All I discovered would be a .mdb viewer within the databases, but it is very faulty. Thanks

MDB Tools is some free libraries and utilities to facilitate conveying data from MS Access databases (mdb files) without needing the Microsoft DLLs. Thus non Home windows OSs can see the information. Or, to place it one other way, they're reverse engineering design from the MDB file.

Jackcess is really a pure Java library for reading through from and conntacting MS Access databases. It's area of the OpenHMS project from Health Market Science, Corporation. . It's not a credit card applicatoin. There's no GUI. It is a library, meant for other designers to make use of to construct Java programs.

ACCESSdb is really a JavaScript library accustomed to dynamically connect with and query in your area available Microsoft Access database files within Ie.

Both Jackcess and ACCESSdb tend to be more recent than MDB tools, tend to be more active and also have write support.

Install your distribution's packed version of mdbtools, use mdb-export to export the Jet data to text files, import the information right into a SQLite database, and also have a mixture of code and data that actually works in any computing atmosphere you may get hold of.

Most likely probably the most simple solution:

  1. Download VirtualBox and install Home windows and MS access inside it.

  2. Write a little Python server designed to use ODBC to gain access to the database and which receives instructions from the network socket.

  3. On Linux, connect with the server within the virtual machine and access the database by doing this.

This provides you full use of all features. Almost every other solution will either limit the characteristics you should use (for instance, you will not have the ability to customize the data) or perhaps be pretty unsafe.