I have been focusing on parsing an internet site but am encountering problems when one of the leading pages I have to parse are only able to be located within an iframe.

I can tell the Hyperlink to parents page and also have attempted many occasions to go to it through HttpGet (after being drenched by course or being able to visit every other account specific page), however it fails. Actually, the page that i'm given may be the page a person would get if they weren't drenched in whatsoever. Yet within the line above my HttpGet execute with this iframe parent I show that i'm drenched in via snacks.

In a nutshell, how do i access an iframe parent page and remain drenched in?

In my opinion this really is because of the truth that your drenched cookie isn't connected using the second request produced by the iframe and therefore redirecting you to definitely the login page.

You need to have the ability to see the iframe by asking for it seperately and passing it your drenched cookie. eg

HttpURLConnection.setRequestProperty("Cookie", "JSESSIONID=" + sessionId);