I work on a little computer shop, and we must evaluate home windows minidumps constantly. My idea ended up being to install the Home windows Debugging Tools on the home windows PC and employ apache/PHP being an interface into it. This way I possibly could just setup an HTML upload form that will accept the minidump file, run it through KD, then goes the output.

It nearly works. I produced a unique user only for apache and so i could assign it write privaleges to C:symbols, and that i make use of the following code:

$kdScript  = "\"\\Program Files\\Debugging Tools for Windows (x86)\\kd.exe\" -c \"!analyze -v;Q\" -y srv*c:\symbols*http://msdl.microsoft.com/download/symbols -z ";
$kdScript .= $_FILES["myFile"]["tmp_name"];
$output = `$kdScript`;


The issue I am getting would be that the symbols aren't downloaded as they must be. I have verified apache is running because the user It is as simple as calling "whoami" from the inside backticks. I have verified will be able to run the home windows version of wget from inside backticks, and so i have the network. I'm able to file_put_contents() right into a new file under C:symbols, and so i have file creation permissions.

Also, I attempted getting PHP simply output the command towards the browser and so i could copy it right into a terminal. I could operate a command prompt as my apache user via "runas", paste the command from PHP's output in to the prompt, also it labored not surprisingly, installing all of the symbols it required to C:symbols. Obviously, I needed to point it to some dump file NOT within the PHP temp directory, but this should not really make a difference.

What is the issue? Just like a side note, all this is local on the reliable pc inside a company which has a total of three employees/proprietors. To safeguard this project is irrelavent.

Unsure what your exact issue is, however the symbol server client code is finicky and not so debuggable, it required us plenty of tinkering to implement our version of the. You could direct folks there or utilize it yourself: