I wish to access local media file say .mp4 file to experience in FlowPLayer on Opera browser..

My application is dependant on JSF and RF3.3 with JBoss server.

Issue is during my backing bean say I've written personal files title as test.mp4 and also the same has been contained in WEB-INF folder..FlowPlayer will access this file using:-


However say suppose I've got a file put into my D: drive on my small system. The neighborhood server is running on my small system.I wish to access the file stored in D: drive and listen to it in flowplayer...

FlowPlayer always append http://IP/ towards the file title and therefore it will not take part in the media file..

Can there be in whatever way to allow flow player to gain access to local file around the system...

I believed that it is possible using Apache...But exactly howOr??...

The component accepts a URL that must definitely be accessible in the client browser, thus a url like file:///C:/resources/foo.mp4 wouldn't work. The resource file you are attempting to reference should be accessible from the web context. That's not saying that you simply can't keep file assets around the D: of the machine, however, you would want an internet server like Apache to gain access to that folder location like a web context folder. It may be set up to get this done, but I won't enter in the particulars of methods to get this done, for those who have challenge with that then you definitely should publish an issue towards the ServerFault StackExchange site for assist with this.

One factor to bear in mind is your web application is probably set up that any assets inside the WEB-INF folder of the project is probably set to become the context path of the application. Thus should you you had been to put your MP4 file inside your web application (i advice against it, individuals files are enormous), then it might be accessible from http://site:port/applicationcontext/resources/foo.mp4 but on disk it's WEB-INF/resources/foo.mp4.

The easiest way which i set this up is to setup an Apache front-end that's listening for website traffic around the specific port, then while using mod_jk module you could have Apache forward demands for assets at http://site:port/applicationcontext/ for your application server around the AJP port. I love this setup because I'm able to keep large static assets at the bottom context from the web server, in addition to safeguard my application server by continuing to keep it entirely behind a firewall and inaccessible in the outdoors. The applying server are only able to be utilized with the Apache web server meaning elevated security. For additional info on this kind of setup, check this out example guide regarding how to setup Apache Web Connector with Tomcat. http://tomcat.apache.org/connectors-doc/webserver_howto/apache.html