for that development purpose and Version control trade offs I personally use Virtual host on apache server. Now I've install MedialWiki on my small machine and that i want MediaWiki to become utilized by all of the customers on office LAN. But when i have enabled Virtual host LAN customers can't access MediaWiki by my ip and folder title, i.e.

Can there be any means to fix this will be able to use both virtual host and localhost together or other solutions are recognized.

Awaiting your help.


Getting virtual hosts enabled does not prevent people from being able to access your server by IP, however it means you need to consider which <VirtualHost> they see.

If you are using title-based virtual hosting, demands that do not match the title associated with a set up virtual host is going to be handled through the first virtual host defined within the configuration. You are able to define a VirtualHost> particularly for your purpose, and set MediaWiki there.

Begin to see the paragraph entitled "Primary host disappearsInch within the Apache name-based virtual hosting documentation.