I am helping having a college radio station website that runs WordPress and was lately switched to Network (Multi-site/multi-user) mode on my own. The setup is really as such:

  1. Parents site (www.stationID.com) runs a lot of custom-built plug ins to create such things as the show schedule calendar, the "Now Playing" widget, podcast list, etc.

  2. The brand new network websites ("wiki.stationID.com", "buddypress.stationID.com" for example) run exactly the same template because the parent site, however it stops after rendering the very first section since the icons from point 1 grab data in the primary site's database that's unavailable to sub-blogs.

My real question is: how do you get data in the primary site's tables around the sub-domain sub-blogs? An associated real question is: how do you set the $wpdb->prefix to become just like parents site around the child websites without them adversely effecting the way the child website pulls data from the own database?

Any help could be awesome, thanks!

Wrap that data inside a switch_to_blog function. Yes, it's deprecated there is however no alternative right now. :)

do stuff from primary blog