I have been thinking about 4D SAS' database product for any very long time, though have barely touched it in eons.

In thinking about what tools for database integration, especially one that will need a database component, what ought to be sought out when thinking about open-source tools like MySQL and PostgreSQL versus proprietary solutions like 4D or Pervasive SQL?

What good (and bad!) encounters has got the SO community had with assorted DB tools like 4D, Pervasive, FilemakerPro, etc?

Any bad encounters?

Difficult to create a relevant listing of Benefits and drawbacks with no context.

My advice will be the following: when deciding of utilizing a proprietary database, make certain this decision is dependant on strong details and never basically a technical interest to have an exotic tool. Put in the total amount the pros of using the proprietary database and the benefits of a non-proprietary solution.

The reply is not the same as system to system.

A prerequisite is your product is well recognized, having a obvious scope, a quite foreseeable evolution, to ensure that the outcomes of the analysis is going to be robust. Then, in case your proprietary solution brings a genuine benefit for the system, that you're confident with the support which you really can afford the total cost, you ought to be a great candidate for that proprietary solution.