what's the good mechanism to keep information among SQLite database and Shared Preferences ?

Why we use shared preference ? Why we use sqlite ? these questions helped me confusing ? i attempted much to locate difference included in this ? and mechanism for data storing ? however i am't capable of finding the right answer on the internet. Help me ..with best good examples and explanation.

It truly is dependent around the data you need to store.


Considerable amounts of same structured data ought to be saved inside a SQLite database as databases are equipped for this type of data. Because the information is structured and handled through the database, it may be queried to obtain a sub group of the information which fits certain criteria utilizing a query language like SQL. This causes it to be easy to search within the data. Obviously controlling and looking out large teams of data influences the performance so reading through data from the database could be reduced than reading through data from SharedPreferences.


SharedPreferences is really a key/value store where one can save an information under certain key. To see the information in the store you need to know the important thing from the data. This will make reading through the information super easy. But as simple as it's to keep a tiny bit of data as difficult it's to keep and browse large structured data since you need to define key for every data, in addition you can't really search inside the data except you've got a certain concept for naming the secrets.