I understand you will find lots of reasons to cover the file extension inside your Web addresses. Can there be any help to showing them, though?

I believe nowadays file extensions are much less important. The MIME kind of the product ought to be came back through the server making the ending rather redundant.

An advantage is the filetype is apparent when saving files in the browser, e.g. spreadsheet.ods rather than spreadsheet. This runs specifically true for Home windows systems who still don't think about the file's contents, but simply the filename.

None, when the content will probably be seen within the browser. For downloads or content you're expecting the consumer to have interaction with as Content-Disposition: attachment, customers might would rather begin to see the familiar extensions. Will still be quite possible though for everyone files using Web addresses like example.com/audio/2011-05-08 and employ the HTTP header to prompt the browser to utilize a filename by having an extension when saving.