I wish to check out the Amazon . com hosting service. I wish to deploy a Java web application. You will find many server images, and i'm trying to find out which one I ought to use.

My needs are pretty straight forward:

  • Should let me use Tomcat and Java and ideally MySQL
  • Various other software programs are good too

It is possible to) a case you recommend b) a method to see rankings/reviews/comments about instances

I have tried personally the fundamental Fedora 8 install to operate a tomcat system. I selected that since it provides me with a clean slate to begin with and I am pretty pleased with that. It really works reasonably well, however i did find uploading towards the server really slow. If at all possible, obtain the server to drag lower what it really needs instead of attempting to send packages/installs etc into it. Around the fundamental (low finish) platform performance is affordable and it's not hard to switch up to and including faster system and give it a try.

If you are not super pleased with command line administration, it's most likely smart to setup a windowing atmosphere (ie choose a picture which has a desktop manager set up), or make use of a Home windows image and Remote Desktop into it.

I am unaware of any rankings systems for that available images.