This is actually the situation: There's a transaction intensive database - employed for both routine transactions and reviews.

I'm wondering basically could isolate both of these procedures and a pair of independent databases, so reviews could elope of 1 database and all sorts of the transactions could exist in a different one. This could improve performance for that OLTP SQL database.

I've reviewed a couple of options like, Reflecting, Log shipping, Replication, Pictures, Clustering - but want to discuss the perfect technique for the preferred result.

Please advise the very best means to fix implement this tactic, or other ideas/suggestion you might have.

That which you request for is completely standard - OLAP and OLTP don't add heavy load situations.

You utilize SQL Server. Consider SSAS (SQL Server Analytical Processing) for something to construct cubes (different approach than SQL) that you could then report against.

If you don't wnat that, then mirriroring may be the next best answer - place the one online in read only way of confirming, and it offers a superior, also, a backup to activate when the primary server fails ) Always beneficial.

CLustering is really a non-problem - it will help you to slowly move the database to a different node, but it doesn't solve the performance problem whatsoever. Log file shipping, replication - good, though I'd opt for reflecting, read only copy for confirming, loading the information into SSAS.