I've got a Home windows application that does some information and it is known as from command line. On my small Home windows machine, I've got a PHP script running under Apache that executes the applying and shows the output.

Can there be any hosting solution will be able to use to complete exactly the same? I can not determine if EC2 or Azure would be the right solutions. Essentially, I want an internet server + capability to execute my application.

Suggestions? Thanks.

You are able to host the application on AppHarbor, the .Internet Platform-as-a-Service. You may either port your internet frontend to .Internet or attempt to enable you to get PHP stuff dealing with Phalanger. AppHarbor is focusing on Background Tasks, which can be a great match for the workload.

I'd just run the PHP script you have under IIS inside a Home windows Azure web role.

If it's a Home windows Application and you've got the origin code I'd opt for an Azure Worker Role. The benefit of utilizing a PaaS (as Azure) rather than an IaaS (as Amazon . com) is you wont need to bother of keeping the server current.

The actual purchase of time is going to be whenever you rewrite the application to really make it act as a staff Role. Time needed to get this done work is dependent how the application works at this time. If is uses lots of disc access it may be difficult and possibly an Amazon . com server could be better. But when it only crunches amounts in memory an Azure Worker Role is an extremely good candidate.

The actual benefit of utilizing an Amazon . com server is you most likely wont have to do any work on all. Except maintaining the server.

As referred to within the question both Azure and EC2 is going to do the task perfectly. This is actually the type of task both systems are equipped for.

Therefore the question becomes really: that is best? That is dependent on a couple of things: exactly what the application must do as well as your own experience and preference.

As it is a Home windows application there should most likely be considered a leaning towards Azure. While EC2 supports Home windows, the pedaling and support assets for Azure are most likely much deeper at this time.

If price is an issue a (somewhat outdated) resource is here now: http://blog.mccrory.me/2010/10/30/public-cloud-hourly-cost-comparison/ -- the final outcome is the fact that, generally, Azure and Amazon . com are roughly similar for compute charges.