I'm going to be creating a Wordpress theme and could be requiring top tips in applying it. hereIs the outline of my design. I'll using 960.gs for that css layout.

Now my worries is exactly what approach am i going to be utilising towards the services(1,2,3...)? Am I Going To use widget fort hat? Individuals boxes ought to be simple to maintain increase. (I have been a Joomla user so, Therefore if I'd code it in joomla I'd used module for your approach. It is possible to similar method of Wordpress? that you could easily switch onOraway the boxes? )

How do i alter the search for each page? Some services won't be render in certain pages (example, service 1-4 won't be avialabe for 'about page')

Thanks! :)

Download Free ‘Starkers’ Wordpress theme at Here

and following a instructions from Chris Coyer of CSS Methods at Here

This really did assist me to. The screen cast from Chris is really a three part series and also you want it.

Update One:

Once you do that. I'd advice you to definitely get free styles on the internet and observe how situations are completed in different templates. I can help you improve a good deal.

Update Two:

To avoid some icons from showing on different pages, you'd to get rid of the function that produces that widget from that specific template. Every widget is sort of a wordpress plugin along with a function can be used to render it on the watch's screen.

Hope this can help.