I am searching for a good way to integrate your blog right into a website that I have developed with HTML and CSS and also have already put a great deal of effort and time into. I have checked out WordPress, Movable Type, b2evolution, along with a couple of others, however they all appear like overkill for me personally. I am only likely to be posting 1 maybe 2 occasions per week for the most part.

Plus, all the aforementioned tools appear difficult to personalize. I would like my blog to appear such as the relaxation of this site, but I'd rather not rebuild my website according to among the blogging tools. Because, when i stated before, I have already spent considerable time repairing the website using HTML and CSS.

Any suggestions could be greatly appreciated. Thanks ahead of time!

Because you fight to personalize existing platforms for your needs, I would recommend that you simply unveil your personal simplistic blogging software which you'll certainly have the ability to personalize. However, this involves some time and is most likely a wheel reinvention.

I have found WordPress to achieve the greatest support community and extensions library. And also the code is usually pretty clear to see and integrate. It is dependent on what you would like to integrate, clearly. I have found user management reasonable, and also, since it's according to PHP I'm able to embed class libraries with my very own modular functionality. But you will find others that have a similar qualities generally. What you'll get without a doubt is an extremely popular blog engine, which isn't trivial.

If you're skilled at HTML and CSS it is simple to embed your blog functionality into whatever theme design you choose to create.

Adapting your template for Wordpress is very easy. Slice your template (code-wide) into 3 sections, the very best, this content, and also the bottom. The very best and also the bottom can virtually stay and get into header.php and footer.php (from the Wordpress template system). It is the content that needs some fine-tuning for adaption.

After that you can easily copy the items in your pre-existing pages, and re-create them as pages or blogs under Wordpress.

That's virtually all.