I understand how to make use of n install wordpress. I sa most book discuss how you can setup upload wordpress.

However i need an e-book which talk only concerning how to produce a wordpress theme from HTML/CSS.

I understand HTML/css, I'm able to create websites from illustrator to html. However I need wordpress guide on HTML to Wordpress.

Please let me know any book for your. :)

the final edition of "How To become a Rockstar Wordpress Desginer 2" is an extremely good beginning indicate learn to code custom styles.

You will see some PHP inside though as you have to understand a little of php to loop through wordpress datas to show them , but it's very fundamental php therefore it should not be any large deal. What's very awesome using the book i spoken about is they get you from Illustrator towards the actual Theme in php / html / css.

PHP is not so difficult to learn. provided you are able to understand exactly what is a function , a flexible an conditional statement along with a loop.

However i think it is well crafted for novices.


If you do not wish to touch php whatsoever , then you will want to produce what's known as a young child theme and override css styles in the parent theme.


By developing a child theme , you are able to override wordpress theme benefits once at any given time.

You need to find out how wordpress call different php files , it's known as web site page hierarchy.

So decide on a theme to begin with , then personalize it inside a child theme with css.

Best of luck.

After I began Wordpress Development, I'd browse the book by Smashing Magazine, "Smashing Wordpress". It had been a really bestseller, and incredibly simple to follow that is required for beginners.

As camus stated in the earlier reply, doing Child Styles is better. Go ahead and take Twenty Eleven theme for instance, and alter any files that you'll require. It may be enough without creating from scratch.