we are moving to make use of an OPENSOURCE Content management systems system, for a long time we used our very own Content management systems, and you're ready to proceed to OPENSOURCE. so which of Drupal, Joomla, WordPress is the greatest choice if

  1. they must learn it ...
  2. supporting multi languages and RTL directions
  3. simple to use ( as an clients )
  4. personalization and templating

or maybe you will find every other Content management systems that will result in the process faster.

thanks all

If you wish to create a robust application inside a relatively quick fashion you need to give Drupal an attempt. It's fantastic for intranet like systems. Many of the popular modules are extremely abstract and permit you to craft custom content to show in very custom ways easily.

I favor it over Wordpress and specifically over Joomla!.

I have used all 3, and every one has different advantages. It might help to be aware what exactly you are doing, but here are a few vague generalities:

Wordpress is extremely centered on the job of blogging, so visual design and usability are usually far better. Joomla has more resale-friendly certification, so there's more income to become made for the reason that business design. Drupal is much more of the generic framework, so great for heavy personalization.

  1. Easy learning really is dependent on which you are doing by using it. Drupal is much more complex to understand, but could perform a lot. Wordpress is simplest, but continues to be very centered on blogs. Therefore if you are mainly doing blogs, opt for Wordpress. If you are doing more, consider Drupal.

  2. All of them support multiple languages and RTL, so that isn't a large difference.

  3. This really is virtually just like #1. Wordpress wins at what it really does, but when that isn't what you are doing, it's irrelevant.

4a. I believe Drupal wins hands-lower for personalization. Drupal's the only real system that enables you to definitely heavily alter what others have produced without controlling their codebase. For instance, Drupal produces all forms as arrays and exposes these to any code to change after they are produced. Both Wordpress and Joomla create forms as straight HTML, to help you only alter it by changing the code that produces it, which rapidly becomes a maintenance headache.

4b. I believe Wordpress wins for templating. It features a clean division between code and design, which Drupal lacks, plus some established standards for markup, which Joomla lacks.

As you can tell, Joomla does not win whatsoever here, and so i wouldn't suggest it. I am speculating your requirements tend to be more complex than Wordpress does well, but that is only a guess. According to that guess, I'd suggest Drupal.


It supports multiple languages.

Templating is really a cinch.

It's not OpenSource, but is the fact that essential, or simply a preference?

Take a look at an early on response I made in regards to a question that pertains to yours: Can there be any Content management systems much better than WordPress or must i roll my very own?

I've heard good stuff about SilverStripe (not used at all it), that's a opensource php content management systems http://silverstripe.org/

I give my election to Joomla! Joomla! has probably the most active support forums. Request an issue it will likely be clarified over 90% of times. You will find numerous professional template sites that charge hardly any for single template usage.

Joomla! develops larger and larger each day. Go to world wide web.joomla.org and discover for yourself.

Best of luck.