I am a coder from the pre-CSS era and looking for a effective but simple CSS framework, that will allow me to create any type of layout with boxes I would like. I curently have a wordpress theme so I am searching for something to incorporate in to the theme. I checked out ez-css which looks nice, however it just appears to complete this area designs, and I'm wondering if there is available a framework that accompany a variety of clips for typical layout tasks, just like a box having a small image + paragraph text, etc. I have checked out wordpress styles like pagelines, builder and headway try not to like them greatly simply because they lock me to their styles, plus they appear quite tricky after having fun with them. Thanks B

You can take a look at -

blueprint - http://www.blueprintcss.org/


960 Power grid System - http://960.gs/

Perhaps you have reviewed http://960.gs/?

It might be simpler for you personally should you search individually for any CSS Framework and after for any blank WordPress Theme.

Many of these "CSS frameworks" aren't actually frameworks because CSS isn't like JavaScript or PHP, so think before investing time together.

Things I will suggest is to buy reasonably limited html/css theme and modify it yourself and transform it for your own custom framework.