The issue I've is, I acquired a type of a spare time activity request a little program. Destined to be done on Home windows, with Visual C#. So far as I see, it may need a database, and that i don't have any real idea how to begin on that, mostly due to the needs:

  1. It'll contain small data elements, but a hell of many of them. Three tables with a lot of rows, but maybe only two or three posts. Data is going to be read a lot more frequently then written.

  2. Reading through ought to be quick.

  3. Most significant point: I have to have the ability to easily deploy the machine with my application, without needing the finish-user to set up anything further. In addition, there should not be any licence problems, please.

Since I'll be dealing with Linq, I've also considered XML, could that be an alternate?

Thank you for reading through.

Take a look at SQLServer Compact Edition. Ought to be just the thing you need.

Well I'm not sure can there be any mongodb driver for c#. But When yes, Opt for mongodb or other schemaless database. For additional detail here

Edit: MongoDB has C# driver C# driver

Personally I'd use SQLite. It may be worth denormalising the database right into a single table if performance is a concern. This could rely on the dwelling from the data and you should test if any performance boost might be acquired.

Try the next steps:

  1. Define your database in SQLite
  2. Download express edition of Devart LinqConnect
  3. Create model and revel in