I'm beginning focus on a comparatively large web-based application with the opportunity of large throughput and storage of a lot of data.

My expertise is based on MS SQL Server but it's expensive for any startup project.

Can there be what other to SQL Server (standard) that may handle exactly the same throughput, has similar features and it is free? Any advice is greatly appreciated, Thanks ahead of time, JP


To reply to a typical point - SQL Express has restrictions making it a no-choose me. Particularly, correct me should i be wrong, it may address only one CPU, 1GB memory, includes a max size 4GB per database, etc. etc.

Also, I know of bizspark. However , when the project goes live you have to purchase server licenses (i.e. Home windows/SQL Server). Ideal for getting ready to go but you then be forced to pay. (Correct me should i be wrong)

Opion 1: MySQL Option 2: PostgreSQL

MySQL has got the bigger users list, but less features. If you're accustomed to the flamboyant steps you can take with commercial systems, you may have a difficult time modifying.

The replication story is much more coherent for MySQL than Postgres.

PostgreSQL is considerably more full-featured, includes a better optimizer, but is not as broadly used.

Both of them are fine options.

If you do not know already, Microsoft includes a program known as BizSpark that essentially gives free software application (well, there is a nominal price of $100 for that program) to begin-ups. The important thing needs are that you're privately owned, have under $1m annual revenue and become under 3 years old.

In the BizSpark Program Guide:

Technology offering: The BizSpark technology offering to Online companies presently includes:

  • For design, development, testing and illustration showing your software application:

    • Software incorporated inside a Visual Studio Team System Team Suite (VSTS) with MSDN Premium4 subscription is incorporated within this Program. Furthermore, VSTS Team Foundation Server (Standard Edition) can be obtained to be used through the entire team of developers
  • For production use - that's, to deploy and host Startup's new "software–plus-services" application to become shipped on the internet to Startup's clients:

    – Home windows Server (all non pre release models) SQL Server (all non pre release models), BizTalk Servers and Office SharePoint Server for Internet Sites hosting, and

    – Systems Center for controlling hosting server procedures.

You are quite right that SQL Server Express (and for your matter Oracle Express Edition) include limits on CPU, RAM and quantity of data.

That being stated, what size is big? Tens of millions of rows? A billion? 100 billion? You have not defined what comprises "large" the ones have very different ideas relating to this. Ultimately you will notice that join performance stops working on any database (at different points) to the stage where the application architecture will require some type of sharding/partitioning.

MySQL is a good example with this and will it on Flickr and Facebook, that are most likely bigger than you will be.

No fascination with the Firebird? It's free, free, so when I have been capable of working by using it, a good time. FAQ on db size.

For any nice front-end, try IBExpert, not free but a great product in a good cost.