Which git hosting provider can you use for commercial development?

Edit: Let us not turn this right into a discussion of whether a hosting provider is actually essential for a distributed SCM. Take a look at github to determine a few of the benefits a hosting provider might provide you with.

Second, the truth that git is distributed is hardly the only real help to utilize it over svn. For instance, branching and particularly merging is a lot simpler in git.

The apparent but correct answer: GitHub

Unfuddle is fairly nice, and it has problem monitoring too.

For commercial development I'd use my very own server. In case your business depends on your source-code then you definitely might consider holding the origin with your personal hands.

Remember repositoryhosting.com, their cost is extremely affordable.

Edit: Though my original response is true, don't use anything but github. Seriously.

Assembla can also be reasonable too. Additionally they offer free private hosting for small teams, commercial or else.

Edit: Assembla is no more free web hosting teams, but it is still relatively affordable.

I have lately found Project Locker. It isn't instant register irritatingly and I am still awaiting my account activation however the service levels are interesting since the Free level has 500MB of space, 5 customers, Subversion, Git, multiple databases and SSL support for free.

If you wish to setup your personal web-facing server to host git, be a big favor and look for Gitosis. It is a Python script that allows you manage multiple databases, manage access with public secrets and everything.

The good thing? You server's config files have been in a git repo about the server and also you just push your brand-new changes towards the server and it'll go ahead and take new config into consideration. What this means is if you can roll to an earlier condition from the config :-)

You may also use InDefero the industry clone of GoogleCode with private/public projects. You receive limitless private projects and 1GB storage for $30/year. You might also need private projects using the free version. The great point would be that the engine can be obtained (GPL) and you will import everything in your instance in the future, no secure problems. Note: I'm charge dev of InDefero.

we use and pleased with http://beanstalkapp.com/

I would suggest Codebase. They've tickets, key events and timetracking, and you will log time and alter ticket status from commit messages.

Just discovered Codaset - plans start at $14/month.

I recommend to have a look at GitEnterprise (http://world wide web.gitenterprise.com). This particular service was particularly crafted to handle the problems of using Git in commercial product. It offers an host based service (it may be also installed on-site) that provides a pleasant web interface to handle your databases, your customers and groups, and security at very fine grained level

As they are, it provides:

  • free private databases/hosting (as much as 1GB/10 customers atm)
  • https/ssh secure access
  • user/group repo/branch R/C/P/D level security
  • SOX compliance confirming
  • full internet based administration and repository access