Hi I am searching for the least expensive hosting that will let me deploy numerous rails and non-rails applications together with perhaps a blog along with other treats. Traffic will probably be rather low, but nonetheless important.

Just like a portfolio site.

What exactly are good hosting companies for your?

Opt for Slicehost (or any other VPS). As you are students you'll be only doing yourself favours by finding out how to setup and employ the entire stack yourself. Since it is a VPS you need to do the majority of it yourself and Slicehost provides nice lessons regarding how to do the majority of it. It has been reliable for me personally to date.

You can aquire a functional 256MB slice for $20usd per month.

Heroku is really a handled solution (they perform a large amount of the meet your needs and that i haven't exercised the cost variations given that they only went commercial but they must be a little more costly than slicehost - however i am only speculating relating to this). Dreamhost does not provide you with just as much control (but is way far cheaper).

So my election would be to skip a evening of consuming per month and learn ubuntu servers setup (DNS, vhosts, apache etc, capistrano deployment, SVN and mongrel, nginx, passenger as you learn rails. Maybe also toss in SMTP, Starling &lifier Workling and monit/god.

Heroku just arrived on the scene of beta. Their least expensive plan with just one dyno is free of charge. You've got a limited quantity of storage, but deployment is as simple as pushing to some git repository.

Which means you most likely need hosting that is shared account. For affordable hosting you can test http://world wide web.hostgator.com/shared.shtml , they excellent, i been there for any year and not had problem. After i was eliminating my account (and moving towards the asp.internet hosting), somebody known as using their company to verify cancellation.