I am creating a draughts/checkers application. Its primary purpose would be to allow people register and play against one another.

Its merely a college project and initially a chance to handle plenty of concurrent customers isn't of interest. My primary concern is to buy it ready to go for demonstration reasons.

I'd a glance at 'heroku'. You are able to join, and also you get 1 dyno. Would this be sufficient for me personally initially? Would I have the ability to manage source control and obtain the application ready to go to permit 2 people play a game title? Could it be very easy for somebody that's only ok at linux?

I might take a look at putting it to be utilised by the general public in a later stage.

Every other tips of recommendation for hosting solutions welcome.

Yes. Heroku could be ideal for this type of application. You are able to support a lot more than 2 people at the same time and never spend anything unless of course you have to (that you simply will not initially).

Heroku sounds well suited for you and also increasingly simple to obtain began. I've about 25 applications on Heroku that scale in a different way based on Application need using the biggest application supporting hundreds of 1000's of synchronised connections running on 6 dynos. Most just have one. The fast start guide must have you ready to go in five minutes for those who have git already setup.

Heroku's Quickstart Guide