I've the next situation, and Let me understand what approach can you decide to try solve this issue.

Here's the customer needs.

He requires a WebSite / E-Commerce and things to have the ability to personalize the feel of the e-commerce. Younger crowd really wants to have the ability to extend some functionality like product configuration.

He come with an office in a single country, and the other office internationally.

The customer make their order through the web or by telephone, then someone in the organization determine if an order ought to be completed in office 1 or office 2.

The customer must have the ability to begin to see the details about the 2 offices in one location.

Therefore we have 1 website + 2 office and Let me understand what would you decide to pursue in cases like this. Can you make my way through web, for the reason that situation, how do i handle barcode and special ink jet printers.

Can you perform a website + 1 software that share a database on the internet. For the reason that situation, would the information transfer be not fast enough.

The aim would be to keep your development as easy as possible, since the client really wants to have the ability to alter the programmer if it's needed.

Ideally, the applying ought to be completed in .Internet to create this simpler to code.

What exactly can you do in cases like this ?

I'd use web services with this to do your procedures from the data, but make use of a wealthy client to gain access to the net services in the two offices. By doing this, you are able to handle hardware that could be utilized in the offices, although not be worried about connections towards the database over the web (which isn't a positive thing).