I formerly requested about how people organize their online assets and investigated data, where among the recommended tools was utilizing a private wiki.

I wish to do this out and therefore I'm searching for a located wiki where I'm able to store my ideas, ideas and project documentation.

My needs are:

  • Should be located by a 3rd party.
  • Should be free or cheap.
  • Must allow private wikis.
  • Must provide a way to support my data, ideally with complete revision history.
  • Should have a very good wiki implementation that is simple to edit, simple to organize and with sufficient searching abilities.
  • Will be a bonus when the wiki implementation is really a standard, in order to migrate my data to a different site or perhaps a self-located version later on.

It might be also helpful when the host also provided public wikis (with access control) and mapping of my very own domain reputation for the wiki. This isn't essential for my private wikis, but when they provided it I would have the ability to make use of the same host for public wikis on my small public or free projects.

So, what are the sites available that offer this?

I'd also recommend checking Wiki Matrix the industry comparison site where one can choose your needs and obtain an evaluation table from the matching services.

Will it absolutely have to become located? If you are capable of getting a little little bit of webspace I'd recommend Dokuwiki. It's database-independant (text files) which might place you off but I am a huge fan from it.

PbWiki may be worth a glance. Has free and wikis.

I have used PBWiki, SocialText, WetPaint, and Google Sites. From my evaluation, fundamental essentials 4 best sites that offer free, located, private wikis. (I additionally had the extra dependence on having the ability to allow a few others use of the non-public wiki.) I have used PBWiki more than these as I have thought it was to achieve the best mixture of functionality and ease-of-use. SocialText comes with an free version of the software, therefore it would most likely function as the simplest method to come to be a self-located solution. Additionally, it includes a nice feature that allows it will save you local copies from the pages and sync it well towards the located site. Google Sites is easily the most fundamental from the three. WetPaint shows Google advertisements on its free services.

Together with your requirement of backup, PBWiki might be best. It features a quick, one-click method to in your area backup all pages with either the present versions or all version history. I've not seen anything such as this within the others. WetPaint comes with a 1-click backup, but it's only the current version from the pages. Either in situation, the backup copies are formatted as html pages.

In my opinion you should use your personal domain title wonderful these, but Google Sites (with Google Applications) is alone where it can be done free of charge.

Google Sites ties in to the Google Applications for the domain services that are free and you will use on the top of the top. You are able to pay to obtain specs using their e-mail hosting, an SLA, support and the like like - $50 per user each year.

I'm presently experimentation with wikidot.com, which meet the majority of my requiremtns, however they don't provide backup copies with revision history.