I'm searching for an entire integrated MySQL management / admin tool (hopefully that may run in Linux). I want a chance to graphically model my tables and associations (reverse/forward engineering could be great). I also require a tool with good data management options (i.e. fundamental crud).

I've attempted MySQL work bench which is ideal for aesthetically modeling my database (and may reverse and forward engineer perfectly). However, I discovered that it's missing in good data management: i.e. placing data etc is extremely awkward and never feature complete (text types don't appear to appear, datetime fields need to be joined by hand rather than a calendar appearing etc.).

I briefly checked out the trial version of Navicat premium however their linux version appears to operate under Wine which isn't ideal. Any recommendations could be great! (Also free will be a plus - although not essential).

I personally use SQLyog on Home windows and jHeidi on linux.

I've been using MySql Front and contains been great for me. It's Home windows and Linux releases.

Best of luck!